Nigerian (John) Legends in the Making?

At the suggestion of one of my other cousins, I decided to take things in a slightly different direction today & listen to the album of Bez: Nigerian soul/jazz/R&B performer. His album, called Super Sun, was released this year in 2011, and I am really diggin the instrumentals & production. Bez has been described as the John Legend of Nigeria, and I do definitely feel some John Legend influences in his music. It wasn’t until I got to the very end of the album and heard the song below though, that I actually thought I could have been listening to John Legend himself. Easily my favorite song on the entire album, “That Stupid Song” features a cute lighthearted recollection of favorite children’s songs on an upbeat sample of the classic song “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers.

“That Stupid Song” is a collaboration between Bez and Praiz, who I would like to turn my attention to. Those remarkably John Legend-sounding vocals are coming from Praise Adejo (stage name Praiz), another up & coming player in the Nigerian R&B music scene recommended by my aforementioned cousin. Praiz has also been featured on very popular Nigerian rapper M.I (check back for another post on him!)’s latest album, M.I2. Take a listen to that “Epic” song from the album below, and tell me if THAT doesn’t sound like a Nigerian John Legend…

For those who are interested, below is another official video from Praiz on one of his solo singles – a nice R&B love song creatively titled “I Love You” 🙂

Doesn’t sound so much like John Legend to me on this one, but I still think he sounds good! I’ll be very interested to see if either he or Bez become actual legends in Nigerian music history, and I’m eagerly anticipating Praiz’s first official album release!

Before ending this post, I would like to add an update to my last post on Wizkid and share with you another favorite from this year’s party scene & his album – a very highly entertaining video for what seems to be his most recent release, “Pakurumo” (you’ll hear another one of his songs, “EME Boyz” in the beginning of this video – a tribute to the Empire Mates Entertainment Group that Wizkid belongs to)…

Another really easy dance beat to groove to all night. The female lead of both the song & the video is Funke Akindele, a popular Nigerian actress. Annnd…do you recognize the lyrics at 4:05?? Hint: you’ll find them somewhere in this video…:)

Until next time!!


One response to “Nigerian (John) Legends in the Making?

  1. Bez and Praiz are definitely getting added to my playlist!

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