What I’ve Been Listening to this Week

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a group the same album on repeat for an extended period of time (at least a week). But it happened this week, and unexpectedly which is the way I like it best 🙂

To celebrate the season premiere of “The Game” this Tuesday, I decided that I MUST have Coldstone to commemorate the occasion. While waiting for my ice cream, I heard a song playing over the speakers that instantly caused my Shazam reflex to kick in. Unfortunately I had already exceeded my limit of tags this month so I couldn’t tag the song! Womp…but I made it back to the car just in time to hear the last note of the song playing on Mix 106.5 and discovered that the song was called “Bad” by The Cab.

Again, it’s not very often that I instantly fall in love with a song after hearing just a few measures, so I definitely had to look this band up. Turns out I’m late to the party on this one too since they’ve apparently been around for 2 albums & 3 EPs since 2004. Regardless, I took a listen to their latest album “Symphony Soldier” and LOVED it. Since I always like to do musical comparisons, I would say this has some Maroon 5 tendencies but is also reminiscent of Bruno Mars, except with a lot more strength behind the lead singer’s voice. (Anyone who knows my taste in music knows I’m not the biggest fan of Bruno Mars, so a little surprised that I can be such a fan of something that slightly reminds me of him.) Anyway, I also at times felt like I was listening to that guilty pleasure music of my favorite boy bands who we’re all forbidden to enjoy. And sometimes I felt it was strangely soulful, like Jesse McCartney – who I also find strangely soulful. Does that make sense to anybody else? LOVE the instrumentals throughout the whole thing though, so this has definitely been on repeat all week. And I’m also impressed with the production quality because they apparently self-funded this album since they’re now unsigned after producing their first album with Fueled by Ramen/Decaydance Records. Very glad to have been introduced to these guys!

Click on the album cover image below to listen!


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