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Ok so I wasn’t going to publicly comment on this because I don’t want to be a hater. But I think these perspectives are so interesting & well-put that I just had to share. My additional small 2 cents are about Chris Brown. While I agree that he should be seeking professional help for his anger issues, and the right thing for him to do would be to try to prove to us & the rest of the world that he is taking steps to deal with his issues, I honestly feel as if that is really not his responsibility to us. It’s his responsibility to HER and HIMSELF. And if he wants the best for himself, like we want the best for Rihanna (noted in this post), then that is what he needs to do. And if he wants the best for himself, he needs to stop adding angry fuel to the fire. And if he wants the best for himself, he should stop acting crazy & being on a ridiculously explicit remix with Rihanna as if it’s ok and there’s no history there. Because at the end of the day, let’s face it…we all have haters. But you can’t be angry when their hateration is warranted. And you can’t be angry when they continue to hate on you for perfectly legitimate reasons that you haven’t taken any actions to address. So Chris Brown…if you want to stop the haters, for YOUR OWN best interests…stop acting so crazy!! (And it makes me really sad to write this b/c I really do want the best for him because I LOVE his music & how talented he is as an entertainer šŸ˜¦ ) So yea, that’s my stance right now…open to other opinions!


So, the world is pretty upset at Chris Brown again. But this time, Rihanna is getting some heat too. Gee, I canā€™t imagine WHY.

Many people were offended that Chris got to perform not once, but twice at the latest Grammys. Why? Because it was the third anniversary of his beating of Rihanna shortly before they were to perform. Youā€™ve probably seen the pictures of the aftermath since they leaked a few days later. I only needed to see them once so I will not be posting them here. She was hurt. Hurt bad.

And now, Chris Brown and Rihanna seem to be making amends. Theyā€™ve each released a new single featuring the other. And Brown was smuggled into Rihannaā€™s recent birthday party. In response to the news of their budding friendship, Billboard penned open letters to both Rihanna and Chris Brown.

According to the authors, it seems thatā€¦

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A Must for Your ā™„-Day Playlist :)

Whether you’re single & showing yourself some extra love today or spending it with that special someone, this artist is a MUST for your Valentine’s Day playlist. I’m so excited to present my first-ever artist interview, just in time for the day of Love! All the way from Milan, Italy – meet Luca Dimoon, and check out his really good stuff afterwards šŸ˜€

Kike: How/when did you decide to fully commit to pursuing music?
Luca: at the age of 19, when I realized how I loved performing and making music, I understood how it was making me feel intensely alive.

Kike: What’s your songwriting process like?
Luca: I have different approachesā€¦I could start from an idea, a concept, a topic expressed through lyrics, which later I develop through a chord progression on the piano, or on the guitar, or maybe a beatā€¦in other cases I start from building a groove, then I come up with some lyrics, and finally a melody..Ā 

Kike: What moves you musically? (Both instrumentally & lyrically)
Luca: Everything where I can sense poetry, integrity, every sound or word that feels authentic, soulfulā€¦from the sounds of Miles Davis, John Coltraneā€¦to the lyrics of Lauryn Hill..

Kike: Who do you want your music to touch?
Luca: as many people as possible..

Kike: What’s it like to be an R&B/Soul artist in Italy? Is that type of music well-received there?
Luca: it’s like speaking Chinese in Africaā€¦hehe…unfortunately, Italy does not have a solid R&B/Soul reality, in fact there are no other musicians doin what I do here in Italy, so I get to interact only with jazz musicians as they are closer to my idea of music..Ā 

Kike: Are there any other R&B/Soul artists in Italy that you’ve worked with that we should know about?
Luca: as I mentioned, when I’m in Italy I get to collaborate mostly with great jazz musicians, such as Pepe and Pancho Ragonese..

Kike: Any additional suggestions for other musicians/artists I should listen to/be aware of that are up & coming?
Luca: James Blake

Kike: What songs are on your “Recently Played” playlist?
Luca: I mostly listen whole albums, lately I’ve been listening to “Water Babies” by Miles Davis, “You Must Believe In Spring” by Bill Evans,Ā “Kamaal The Abstract” by Q-Tip, “James Blake” by James Blake, “Lewis II” by Lewis Taylor..

Kike: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in the last 6 months? (doesn’t have to be music related)
Luca: this last month, I’ve been in Paris for a few weeks, experiencing magical life adventuresā€¦absorbing intriguing vibes from the city, meeting beautiful people

Kike: What are the 3 things you want people to know about you?
Luca: that I’m deeply grateful for their consideration and support. that I live in the moment, improvising my moves every day. that I came to this planet in peaceā€¦hehehĀ 

Kike: And the ladies wanna know, are you single?
Luca: yes ladiesā€¦I’m single.. Ā  Ā 

Many many thanks to Luca for making time to answer my interview questions while playing shows on the road! And now, for the good stuff šŸ˜€

My first introduction to him – a wonderful cover of the classic song by The Stylistics (all instruments, production & mixing by himself!)

Live/Acoustic version of the same song…proof of his true talent šŸ™‚

And finally, a video medley of original songs from his forthcoming album “Telescope”

Needless to say, I REALLY hope I get the chance to see him perform live. But until then, I’ll definitely continue to enjoy his beautiful music so fitting for Valentine’s Day šŸ˜€

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

My Whitney memories:

  • “Whitney – The Greatest Hits” album on repeat while doing Summer reading for high school
  • “The Preacher’s Wife” album on the way to high school dance competitions
  • “My Love is Your Love” on repeat in 5th grade
  • LOVING her duet with Mariah Carey on “When You Believe” in “The Prince of Egypt”
  • Dancing to “I Have Nothing” & “Count on Me” at my high school dance studio
  • Dancing to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” with my high school dance team at our homecoming’s half-time show
  • And many many more…

The music speaks for itself (click the image below to access some of my Whitney favorites :)):

And here’s The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack since for someĀ unexplainedĀ reason Spotify does not have it…

May her soul Rest in Peace!!

Jeremy Passion

This is the kind of music that I feel like I have to share with the world as soon as I hear it. I was hooked by the first few seconds of his first song that I heard (Greater is He) & I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. I’m totally enjoying his unique blend of pop, R&B, gospel, & jazzy instrumentals, & I’m very impressed by the AMAZING production quality that accompanies the such positive messaging that comes through his music. For example, “Well Done” is an important reminder to cherish & make time to spend with those we love in life.

His talent shines through his music so brightly that it’s clear he has a gift for music – but most of all I can tell that he’s a really talented musician, as evidenced by all of the piano & guitar that he features in his songs. I see influences of a lot of different artists in his music, including John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke, BBMack, & perhaps a hint of Michael Buble? And more Bay Area pride because he’s based in SF! Take a listen to his 2 albums, “For More Than a Feeling” & “Pixelated – EP” below (fav songs: Greater Is He, Trace, This Ain’t The Way, Undefined, Lemonade, Pixelated, Paper Airplane)…


So since I am currently a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I figure I should show some pride & include some SF representation on this blog. Last night, I went to a cool event called TestPressĀ in which music producers submit their electronic music tracks in a contest & the top 16 tracks get selected to be played in front of a live audience & 3 expert panelists. I really enjoyed the winning track of last night’s contest – a really groovy, jazzy piece of electronic music that really kept my interest from the soft lurking note droplets at the beginning to the bossa nova rhythm that brings the beat back after the break to the pleasantly surprising horn sample that appears near the end. I could definitely see this being played in a lounge type atmosphere, like in the lobby of The W Hotel šŸ™‚

Titled “94117” to represent the influences of the city of San Francisco, check out the track below from an artist called Lemur: