A Must for Your ♥-Day Playlist :)

Whether you’re single & showing yourself some extra love today or spending it with that special someone, this artist is a MUST for your Valentine’s Day playlist. I’m so excited to present my first-ever artist interview, just in time for the day of Love! All the way from Milan, Italy – meet Luca Dimoon, and check out his really good stuff afterwards 😀

Kike: How/when did you decide to fully commit to pursuing music?
Luca: at the age of 19, when I realized how I loved performing and making music, I understood how it was making me feel intensely alive.

Kike: What’s your songwriting process like?
Luca: I have different approaches…I could start from an idea, a concept, a topic expressed through lyrics, which later I develop through a chord progression on the piano, or on the guitar, or maybe a beat…in other cases I start from building a groove, then I come up with some lyrics, and finally a melody.. 

Kike: What moves you musically? (Both instrumentally & lyrically)
Luca: Everything where I can sense poetry, integrity, every sound or word that feels authentic, soulful…from the sounds of Miles Davis, John Coltrane…to the lyrics of Lauryn Hill..

Kike: Who do you want your music to touch?
Luca: as many people as possible..

Kike: What’s it like to be an R&B/Soul artist in Italy? Is that type of music well-received there?
Luca: it’s like speaking Chinese in Africa…hehe…unfortunately, Italy does not have a solid R&B/Soul reality, in fact there are no other musicians doin what I do here in Italy, so I get to interact only with jazz musicians as they are closer to my idea of music.. 

Kike: Are there any other R&B/Soul artists in Italy that you’ve worked with that we should know about?
Luca: as I mentioned, when I’m in Italy I get to collaborate mostly with great jazz musicians, such as Pepe and Pancho Ragonese..

Kike: Any additional suggestions for other musicians/artists I should listen to/be aware of that are up & coming?
Luca: James Blake

Kike: What songs are on your “Recently Played” playlist?
Luca: I mostly listen whole albums, lately I’ve been listening to “Water Babies” by Miles Davis, “You Must Believe In Spring” by Bill Evans, “Kamaal The Abstract” by Q-Tip, “James Blake” by James Blake, “Lewis II” by Lewis Taylor..

Kike: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in the last 6 months? (doesn’t have to be music related)
Luca: this last month, I’ve been in Paris for a few weeks, experiencing magical life adventures…absorbing intriguing vibes from the city, meeting beautiful people

Kike: What are the 3 things you want people to know about you?
Luca: that I’m deeply grateful for their consideration and support. that I live in the moment, improvising my moves every day. that I came to this planet in peace…heheh 

Kike: And the ladies wanna know, are you single?
Luca: yes ladies…I’m single..    

Many many thanks to Luca for making time to answer my interview questions while playing shows on the road! And now, for the good stuff 😀

My first introduction to him – a wonderful cover of the classic song by The Stylistics (all instruments, production & mixing by himself!)

Live/Acoustic version of the same song…proof of his true talent 🙂

And finally, a video medley of original songs from his forthcoming album “Telescope”

Needless to say, I REALLY hope I get the chance to see him perform live. But until then, I’ll definitely continue to enjoy his beautiful music so fitting for Valentine’s Day 😀


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