Miguel “Adorn” Full Version

So I just heard this on the radio in the car on the way back home…and literally SCREAMED when it KEPT GOING past approx 2:10. EPIC 😀 Of course as soon as I got home I ran to the computer to find the full extended version & found this wonderfulness…

I will say I was a little tipped off because I noticed something a little different from the original version…the little sound that comes through at around 0:02, 0:05, & so on…it sounds like in almost every group of four bars, it’s coming through on the “3 &” beat of the first bar, the “4 &” beat of the second bar, and the “3 &” beat again on the last bar (hopefully that makes sense to someone!!) Anyway, you will notice that that sound is not present in the original version here…

The reason I picked up on it is because it sounds very similar to what ALWAYS tips me off that “Shake that Monkey” is about to come on (DISCLAIMER: It’s only necessary to listen to about the first 10 seconds…listen any further AT YOUR OWN RISK!!)…a really similar sound occurs twice starting on the “2 &” beat of every bar (hopefully makes sense).

Listening to the part of the song that’s extended, I also feel like it could be a really loose sample of Prince’s “If I Was Your Girlfriend.” The background instrumentals starting at around 2:11 really remind me of that song…take a listen below & maybe you’ll hear what I’m talking about?

Anyway, so happy to FINALLY hear the full version of “Adorn!!” Hope you love it as much as I do 🙂


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