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New Discoveries: September 2012

Hola my peeps,

Here are my favorite songs that I’ve first heard this month (admittedly late on some of them). Full Spotify playlist below & YouTube links for those who don’t have Spotify 🙂

Simply Smooth (R&B)

  • Enough of No Love” – Keyshia Cole & Weezy (this sounds like it belongs back in 2006 – 2007 for some reason…maybe I like it b/c it sounds so familiar to me…)
  • Black Gold” – Esperanza Spalding & Algebra Blessett (great video!)

Dance Dance!

  • Pantera” – Kartell (probably my favorite on this list because of what happens at 0:30-0:31…keep listening if you don’t catch it 🙂 )
  • In & Out” – Marcus Canty f/Wale (took a while for this one to grow on me but I really like the hook & I love my X Factor favorite!)


It’s Countray

  • Storm Warning” – Hunter Hayes (I’m hoping to do a full post on this guy…love his music!)

MJ Bad 25:

Ok, so I thought this deserved a section on it’s own. Epic, Legacy & MJJ Productions re-released Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album this month on its 25th anniversary. It includes remastered versions of his old well-known hits, but also quite a few songs that I had never heard before (which I thiink is saying a lot because I like to think I’m a pretty huge & knowledgeable MJ fan!) Anyway, my favorites from that 25th Anniversary album are below:

  • Price of Fame” (previously unreleased)
  • Streetwalker” (ok, so there’s basically NO excuse for me not to have heard this before. Without a doubt my favorite!! And so good to finally know where the beginning of “The Way You Make Me Feel” live comes from! at least I think so…lol)
  • Fly Away” (also not really sure why I hadn’t heard this before…but really pretty I think!)
  • Bad” – Remix by Afrojack f/Pitbull (surprised I actually like this version but I think I could dance to it in the club!)

Annd lastly as an extra side bonus (completely unrelated to this post) while we’re on the subject of MJ 25th Anniversary albums, this is probably my FAVORITE MJ remix of all time, off his Thriller 25 Album. Enjoy & until next time! 🙂


Internet Radio Fairness Act

Check this out, I just did my first freelance post! Preview below, and click on the link for the rest!

If you’ve used Pandora anytime in the last couple days, you’ve probably already heard about the Internet Radio Fairness Act that Founder Tim Westergren is encouraging all users to support by contacting their representative. I’ve already heard quite a few personal appeals from Tim Westergren myself that have interrupted my Pandora listening, as well as received a personal email from him about it. But what is the Internet Radio Fairness Act and why is it such a big deal?

Read more here.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Made in NC

The Queen City represented itself very well to the country during the 2012 DNC by showcasing North Carolina natives James Taylor, Anthony Hamilton, Simplified, and many others at various points during the week, so in honor of seeing Obama come to my hometown of Charlotte, NC, I had to continue to represent for our music as well!

Of course I gotta start by throwing it back to this staple…& then you’ll hear below some of my favorite artists that were made in North Carolina…

Thanks for bearing with my little burst of hometown pride! 🙂

Not JBiebs but Ryan Beatty

Really quick post on this, the teenage girl in me heard this guy & was curious enough to continue listening and I think he’s onto something. Took a listen to his EP (you’ll find below) but also wanted to check out some YouTube clips to see what he sounds like live. Actually not bad in my opinion! My favorite videos are below:

  • “Heartless / Ain’t No Sunshine” – Kanye West / Bill Withers – I like this mashup! Glad to hear he’s not tone deaf & corrected himself at 0:26
  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz – just a side note I really like the minor key that guitarist brings in near the beginning
  • “Valerie” – Amy Winehouse – piano’s too loud on this one but I still think it’s really cute
  • “Nobody Like You” – Ryan Beatty original – not sure why he didn’t include this on his EP too…I like it better than all the songs on it
  • And apparently Justin Bieber covered his song “Every Little Thing”

So he clearly sounds eerily (some would say exactly?) like The Biebs so it’ll be interesting to see how he distinguishes himself. In my opinion I think this kid can pull of the acoustic / bluesy (a la Jason Mraz / John Mayer) feel more than Justin’s poppier vibe (his voice is already a little deeper than I believe Justin’s was at this age), but I guess that will stand to be seen! Check out his EP by clicking on the image below (disclaimer: EP is much poppier than videos above)…

Give Obama One More Chance?

Watch President Obama’s full acceptance speech below, & pay special attention to 33:10…

Now take a listen to this classic, & pay special attention to 3:39…

Seems like this song’s been getting some play lately…

Other favorite quote from Obama’s speech: “I’ve been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go.” – Powerful.

So what’s it gonna be, him or Romney? Should we give Obama one more chance?

Now I need to go watch one of the countless reruns of the VMAs since I was too busy watching my President accept his nomination LIVE 😉

Am I Hearing Double?

Ummm…maybe Trey Songs hasn’t heard Usher‘s album? …Or maybe vice versa…? Take a listen to the 2 songs below…which one do you like better?

New Discoveries: January – August 2012

Hey everyone, here’s a collection of songs that I’ve heard that have really caught my ear this year so far. I find that very often it’s difficult for me to keep up with & remember ALL of the new music I find out about & enjoy – from Shazam to recommendations to live shows, etc, so this is my attempt to document & save everything that I really enjoy – so that I’m always able to go back and listen later. Be forewarned that this is quite a long, VERY random list (genres across the board – it also includes some of my favorites from popular new(-ish) albums that have been in my rotation a lot this year), but I hope to continue to do this monthly going forward so that each list will be a little more manageable. I also recognize that I’m probably very late to the game for a lot of these songs. But for now, here’s what I’ve got for this year so far…and you may see extended features on some of these artists in the future!  Check back at the end of next month & hopefully you’ll find a new list from September!

Some highlights / favorites along with the playlist below –

Chillin in the Lounge (or at Home) Music:


  • Two Up” – Diggy
  • No Sugar” – Joey Negro, Gramophonedzie, Shea Soul (I love this video…the dancing is so cute!)
  • Clocks” – Rhythms Del Mundo & Coldplay (THIS IS AN AMAZING MIX!!)
  • Warrior” – Kimbra
  • She’s Bad” – Bad Rabbits

Lovey-Dovey AND/OR Emo:

Simply Smooth 🙂 (R&B / Jazz)

  • Selfish Love” – Bertell
  • Daydreaming” – David Sanborn
  • Believe In Us” – Mint Condition
  • Sweet Life” – Frank Ocean (ARGUABLY MY FAVORITE SONG ON THIS WHOLE LIST!!…The version in this video is a liiitle high-pitched but still sounds great IMO…)
  • Let Me In” – Anthony David
  • I Don’t Care” – Elle Varner
  • Leaf” – Elle Varner
  • Lately” – Anita Baker (I still like Tyrese’s version better but I LOVE how Anita was able to make this her own! It sounds so smooth & jazzy, if you didn’t know better you’d think it was an old school song that Tyrese did a cover of!)
  • Feel The Same” – Reggie Watts