Not JBiebs but Ryan Beatty

Really quick post on this, the teenage girl in me heard this guy & was curious enough to continue listening and I think he’s onto something. Took a listen to his EP (you’ll find below) but also wanted to check out some YouTube clips to see what he sounds like live. Actually not bad in my opinion! My favorite videos are below:

  • “Heartless / Ain’t No Sunshine” – Kanye West / Bill Withers – I like this mashup! Glad to hear he’s not tone deaf & corrected himself at 0:26
  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz – just a side note I really like the minor key that guitarist brings in near the beginning
  • “Valerie” – Amy Winehouse – piano’s too loud on this one but I still think it’s really cute
  • “Nobody Like You” – Ryan Beatty original – not sure why he didn’t include this on his EP too…I like it better than all the songs on it
  • And apparently Justin Bieber covered his song “Every Little Thing”

So he clearly sounds eerily (some would say exactly?) like The Biebs so it’ll be interesting to see how he distinguishes himself. In my opinion I think this kid can pull of the acoustic / bluesy (a la Jason Mraz / John Mayer) feel more than Justin’s poppier vibe (his voice is already a little deeper than I believe Justin’s was at this age), but I guess that will stand to be seen! Check out his EP by clicking on the image below (disclaimer: EP is much poppier than videos above)…


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