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Give Obama One More Chance?

Watch President Obama’s full acceptance speech below, & pay special attention to 33:10…

Now take a listen to this classic, & pay special attention to 3:39…

Seems like this song’s been getting some play lately…

Other favorite quote from Obama’s speech: “I’ve been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go.” – Powerful.

So what’s it gonna be, him or Romney? Should we give Obama one more chance?

Now I need to go watch one of the countless reruns of the VMAs since I was too busy watching my President accept his nomination LIVE 😉


And He’s Back :)

So Ursher’s new album came out this week & I’ve really been enjoying it!

MUST LISTENS in my opinion: “I Care For U” & “Dive” are REALLY competing for my favorite on this album. Seriously LOVE both of them, for the most part for the background instrumentals. I also love the production beats on “I Care For U” as well as the background vocal harmonies in “Dive.” I originally heard “I Care For U” on the radio a couple weeks ago & was SO EXCITED to hear the rest of the album. When I heard “Dive,” I thought it was so beautiful I literally almost started crying LOL!

Other favorites: “Show Me,” “Twisted” (featuring Pharrell who I also LOVE & am so excited to hear producing again! I had fallen off of him for a while, but CLEARLY I need to get back…), “What Happened To U” (listen closely…the beginning is a sample of “One More Chance/Stay with Me Remix” by Biggie), “Looking 4 Myself” featuring Luke Steele (which I feel like could be a Frank Ocean song), “I.F.U.,” “Say The Words,” “Hot Thing” (also produced by Pharrell), & of course “Climax.”

I haven’t listened to an entire Usher album since Here I Stand (I became less interested when he started moving to the extreme pop/dance side), so if there are songs I need to listen to on Raymond v. Raymond or Versus that are not already singles, please let me know! In the meantime, here’s Looking 4 Myself (click on the image to listen to the entire deluxe album):