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So since I am currently a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, I figure I should show some pride & include some SF representation on this blog. Last night, I went to a cool event called TestPress in which music producers submit their electronic music tracks in a contest & the top 16 tracks get selected to be played in front of a live audience & 3 expert panelists. I really enjoyed the winning track of last night’s contest – a really groovy, jazzy piece of electronic music that really kept my interest from the soft lurking note droplets at the beginning to the bossa nova rhythm that brings the beat back after the break to the pleasantly surprising horn sample that appears near the end. I could definitely see this being played in a lounge type atmosphere, like in the lobby of The W Hotel 🙂

Titled “94117” to represent the influences of the city of San Francisco, check out the track below from an artist called Lemur:


How interesting…I’m so pleasantly surprised! (although I shouldn’t be…)


It’s a bit surprising to me that I can now hear house music when I turn on the radio in my car. I used to have to hunt down those rich beats in vacant warehouses and tents set up in the middle of nowhere, with generators powering the lights and, more importantly, the giant speakers.  Since hearing that music with a few hundred (or thousand) fellow “house heads” was so rare, the nights would only end when the first grays from the morning sun greeted us as we walked back to our cars, exhausted and satisfied. And no, we did not look like this guy:

House music is not just about drunk guys with too much gel in their hair fist pumping while they try and yell in some mini-skirted girl’s ear how sexy they look in hopes of taking them home for a smash session. Believe it or not…

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