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Ed Sheeran…A Little Acoustic Folk for Ya

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to write about this guy for months so I know again I’m SUPER late but I just need him to be on my record as well.

To make a long story short, I think his music is BEAUTIFUL. Perfectly quiet, introspective & chill, but brace your heartstrings because this is gonna get pretty emo! Lol but anyway, I am so happy this guy exists to make music for people like me to LOVE & enjoy. I love how you can hear his accent peek through a little bit when he sings :)…This is perfect material to use on one of those teen / young adult drama shows, it would fit in perfectly & I think would make a killing!

Take a listen to his album, +, below if you have Spotify & check out my personal favorites (although I really think the album as a whole is awesome) right beforehand. Hope you enjoy!


  • The A Team” – Deep, deep, deep dark lyrics that kind of catch you by surprise against the song’s melody. And I love how passionate his voice gets when he sings, “She don’t wanna go outside tonight…” Please actually check out the video if you get a chance, I think it’s a really awesome way of addressing such a real & disturbing issue.
  • Drunk” – Going pretty far to the emo side now lol, but I really just like the intro instrumentals for this one (& think the video is kinda hilarious in a pretty sad way…haha)
  • Grade 8” – Nice little upbeat contrast to the rest of the album
  • Small Bump” – Disclaimer: Another really emo one! Haha…but again, talking about some deep / real stuff.
  • Lego House” – This guy has such an interesting & hilarious sense of humor to me…do you recognize the star of the video? LOL
  • You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” – Listen to that beatboxing! Very reminiscent of Jason Mraz to me…
  • Give Me Love” – My absolute, #1 favorite on the entire album, from those beautiful calm strings at the beginning to the passion you can clearly hear gradually building in his voice again. You’ll get a nice hidden track thrown in there too.

Annd…just because I love this song so much…here’s another live version…I love how he starts live looping around 4:05 🙂


Not JBiebs but Ryan Beatty

Really quick post on this, the teenage girl in me heard this guy & was curious enough to continue listening and I think he’s onto something. Took a listen to his EP (you’ll find below) but also wanted to check out some YouTube clips to see what he sounds like live. Actually not bad in my opinion! My favorite videos are below:

  • “Heartless / Ain’t No Sunshine” – Kanye West / Bill Withers – I like this mashup! Glad to hear he’s not tone deaf & corrected himself at 0:26
  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz – just a side note I really like the minor key that guitarist brings in near the beginning
  • “Valerie” – Amy Winehouse – piano’s too loud on this one but I still think it’s really cute
  • “Nobody Like You” – Ryan Beatty original – not sure why he didn’t include this on his EP too…I like it better than all the songs on it
  • And apparently Justin Bieber covered his song “Every Little Thing”

So he clearly sounds eerily (some would say exactly?) like The Biebs so it’ll be interesting to see how he distinguishes himself. In my opinion I think this kid can pull of the acoustic / bluesy (a la Jason Mraz / John Mayer) feel more than Justin’s poppier vibe (his voice is already a little deeper than I believe Justin’s was at this age), but I guess that will stand to be seen! Check out his EP by clicking on the image below (disclaimer: EP is much poppier than videos above)…

Jeremy Passion

This is the kind of music that I feel like I have to share with the world as soon as I hear it. I was hooked by the first few seconds of his first song that I heard (Greater is He) & I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. I’m totally enjoying his unique blend of pop, R&B, gospel, & jazzy instrumentals, & I’m very impressed by the AMAZING production quality that accompanies the such positive messaging that comes through his music. For example, “Well Done” is an important reminder to cherish & make time to spend with those we love in life.

His talent shines through his music so brightly that it’s clear he has a gift for music – but most of all I can tell that he’s a really talented musician, as evidenced by all of the piano & guitar that he features in his songs. I see influences of a lot of different artists in his music, including John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke, BBMack, & perhaps a hint of Michael Buble? And more Bay Area pride because he’s based in SF! Take a listen to his 2 albums, “For More Than a Feeling” & “Pixelated – EP” below (fav songs: Greater Is He, Trace, This Ain’t The Way, Undefined, Lemonade, Pixelated, Paper Airplane)…