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Not JBiebs but Ryan Beatty

Really quick post on this, the teenage girl in me heard this guy & was curious enough to continue listening and I think he’s onto something. Took a listen to his EP (you’ll find below) but also wanted to check out some YouTube clips to see what he sounds like live. Actually not bad in my opinion! My favorite videos are below:

  • “Heartless / Ain’t No Sunshine” – Kanye West / Bill Withers – I like this mashup! Glad to hear he’s not tone deaf & corrected himself at 0:26
  • “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz – just a side note I really like the minor key that guitarist brings in near the beginning
  • “Valerie” – Amy Winehouse – piano’s too loud on this one but I still think it’s really cute
  • “Nobody Like You” – Ryan Beatty original – not sure why he didn’t include this on his EP too…I like it better than all the songs on it
  • And apparently Justin Bieber covered his song “Every Little Thing”

So he clearly sounds eerily (some would say exactly?) like The Biebs so it’ll be interesting to see how he distinguishes himself. In my opinion I think this kid can pull of the acoustic / bluesy (a la Jason Mraz / John Mayer) feel more than Justin’s poppier vibe (his voice is already a little deeper than I believe Justin’s was at this age), but I guess that will stand to be seen! Check out his EP by clicking on the image below (disclaimer: EP is much poppier than videos above)…


First Lady…

No, not Michelle O (who I love & REALLY hope I get to see at the upcoming Democratic National Convention in my hometown of Charlotte, NC Queen City baby!! But I digress…)

I’m just realizing that in the now almost 8 months that I’ve been writing this blog, I have yet to feature a female artist! Quite a shame on my part as women should never be underrepresented…especially on a female-run blog! So here it is…short & sweet just like her:

As a reminder I discovered her while looking for the music video to accompany the Gotye & Kimbra “Somebody that I Used to Know” remix

Wasn’t able to find too much more on her but according to her Facebook page she has an EP coming soon. Looking forward to hearing what she comes with…

Slightly Ashamed…

So I’m feeling kind of conflicted now. I waited with much excitement & expectation for this album to drop today & to proclaim my unabashedly (but really kind of embarrassingly) complete conversion to Bieber fan-dom lol. From the lead single & the other leaked songs that I’ve heard, I thought it was going to be such a great hit that surprised me with his little hints of mature R&B swag. I am sadly a little disappointed 😦

BUT, there are still some songs that I do really enjoy on this album! Favorites = “Catching Feelings,” “Right Here” (this is a GREAT one – featuring Drake! :D), “Die In Your Arms” (really cute song!), & of course the lead single “Boyfriend” (video below, aka NSync’s “Girlfriend” reloaded).

Although not one of my favorites on the album, sounds like Justin is channeling MJ’s “Billie Jean” in lyrical content on “Maria.” Compare for yourself…

Album available below, I guess I just expected more 😦

But he’s still so cute! And I definitely do still love how his voice is maturing 🙂 Looks like this won’t be enough to compel me to see him live, but maybe on the next album!

However, the Biebs still has potential in my book. There are some previous songs of his (“Never Say Never,” “Pray,” “Somebody to Love,” “All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive!)” w/Mariah, “U Smile” which I think Gavin DeGraw needs to do a cover of + the acoustic version which is great & I appreciate the slightly deeper vocals!!, etc.) that I really like 🙂

In the meantime, I can just continue to enjoy this premiere performance of “Boyfriend” on The Voice which I LOVED…

I really like his voice & the live version of this song. Until next time Biebs!!