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Am I Hearing Double?

Ummm…maybe Trey Songs hasn’t heard Usher‘s album? …Or maybe vice versa…? Take a listen to the 2 songs below…which one do you like better?


And He’s Back :)

So Ursher’s new album came out this week & I’ve really been enjoying it!

MUST LISTENS in my opinion: “I Care For U” & “Dive” are REALLY competing for my favorite on this album. Seriously LOVE both of them, for the most part for the background instrumentals. I also love the production beats on “I Care For U” as well as the background vocal harmonies in “Dive.” I originally heard “I Care For U” on the radio a couple weeks ago & was SO EXCITED to hear the rest of the album. When I heard “Dive,” I thought it was so beautiful I literally almost started crying LOL!

Other favorites: “Show Me,” “Twisted” (featuring Pharrell who I also LOVE & am so excited to hear producing again! I had fallen off of him for a while, but CLEARLY I need to get back…), “What Happened To U” (listen closely…the beginning is a sample of “One More Chance/Stay with Me Remix” by Biggie), “Looking 4 Myself” featuring Luke Steele (which I feel like could be a Frank Ocean song), “I.F.U.,” “Say The Words,” “Hot Thing” (also produced by Pharrell), & of course “Climax.”

I haven’t listened to an entire Usher album since Here I Stand (I became less interested when he started moving to the extreme pop/dance side), so if there are songs I need to listen to on Raymond v. Raymond or Versus that are not already singles, please let me know! In the meantime, here’s Looking 4 Myself (click on the image to listen to the entire deluxe album):

How interesting…I’m so pleasantly surprised! (although I shouldn’t be…)


It’s a bit surprising to me that I can now hear house music when I turn on the radio in my car. I used to have to hunt down those rich beats in vacant warehouses and tents set up in the middle of nowhere, with generators powering the lights and, more importantly, the giant speakers.  Since hearing that music with a few hundred (or thousand) fellow “house heads” was so rare, the nights would only end when the first grays from the morning sun greeted us as we walked back to our cars, exhausted and satisfied. And no, we did not look like this guy:

House music is not just about drunk guys with too much gel in their hair fist pumping while they try and yell in some mini-skirted girl’s ear how sexy they look in hopes of taking them home for a smash session. Believe it or not…

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