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Fatherland Pride :)

I think this post is quite fitting since I just got my very first Nigerian passport today (yay!) 🙂

Last night while out at one of the clubs in Lagos, one particular song stood out to me not only because of it’s beat/instrumentals (which is the first thing I always pay attention to in music) but also the anthem-like lyrics that persisted through the song. Upon hearing those lyrics combined with the infectious beat of the track, I found myself actually getting up off of my tired throbbing feet caused by the discomfort of my FIERCE but very painful heels & chanting along with the title lyrics of the song: “We Are Africans!” Check out what I feel to be the pretty inspiring video below…

Although I do quite enjoy the military-like presentation of the song, I don’t quite know how I feel about some of the lyrics, specifically in the beginning intro to the song, and I’d be very interested in hearing your opinions as well! What are your thoughts on his pretty strong position against choosing between “African” & “American” instead of claiming both “African-American?”

This African anthem has also initiated the release of quite a few country-specific remixes to showcase national pride in the context of the collective African unity theme of the original song. Among the remixes include a Sierra Leone remix, a Zimbabwe remix, and of course two Naija remixes – one featuring the influential Femi Kuti, oldest son of legendary Fela Kuti, and another Naija street mix. There’s even a UK mix, which you can find on the album below. If you get a chance, I would highly recommend watching the videos (links included above) – I think they really offer a nice alternative to the often negatively-portrayed Africa in media imagery and the sense of pride & solidarity makes me so excited just by watching them! I also think these songs & videos are such a great way to expose the musical talent that’s emerging all over different countries in Africa – sigh…I wish I had enough time to really explore all of them in depth!!

If you’re interested in listening to the rest of JJC’s album, “African Dream,” released in 2011, check out the link below. I think it’s a pretty easy listen & I especially appreciate the production/instrumental quality from this Nigerian rapper/producer. Lots of dance tracks that are very easy to get hype to in my opinion.

I hope to have an exciting post coming up very soon so stay tuned! Until next time 🙂