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Tinie Tempah

I don’t know why I’m so late on this. As I was listening to Asa’s Beautiful Imperfection album on repeat last night on Spotify, I got a random ad playing the song “Pass Out” by Tinie Tempah. I like that song & had vaguely remembered hearing it somewhere, but never knew who the artist was, so of course I decided to click the ad. It took me to Tinie Tempah’s latest album, Disc-Overy, so I decided to take a listen.

Again, I don’t know WHY I’m so late on this. Apparently this British/Nigerian rapper has been releasing mixtapes since 2007 (I def need to take a listen to those). This album Disc-Overy was released in the UK in October of 2010 & in the U.S. in May of 2011, with the album’s North American lead single being “Written in the Stars.” Listening through the album I also immediately recognized his song “Till I’m Gone” f/Wiz Khalifa. Now, with those two songs being the leading singles from this album in the US, I’m honestly not surprised that I hadn’t yet been up on this guy. In my opinion, there are MUCH better tracks on this album than those (My favorites = Intro, Simply Unstoppable, Pass Out, Illusion, Snap, & Miami 2 Ibiza). Take a listen below…

Very diverse collection of sounds I think, although I wish I could find more information on Simply Unstoppable, Illusion, & Snap. Illusion sounds kind of sampled from something & the vocals on Snap kind of remind me of Akon…anybody else?? As for Simply Unstoppable, I also couldn’t find out where those female vocals are coming from, but apparently a remixed version of the song featuring Travis Barker on drums was used in this fierce Lucozade ad campaign:

Just FYI, the above is the American version of the album which has a revised tracklist from the UK version: “Obsession,” “Invincible” f/Kelly Rowland & “Just A Little” f/Range (Roc Nation) were replaced with “Till I’m Gone” f/Wiz Khalifa & other collabs with Bei Maejor & Esther Dean. Guess that makes sense…links to the UK version songs are included if you’re interested. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!